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Mary Farrell Design creates original and distinctive contemporary silver jewellery designs in a linear and modernist style. All work is hand made in Scotland, inspired by both natural and industrial forms, combining the linear and abstract in pieces which play with form, pattern, and texture.

She’s drawn to miniature worlds - seed pods, petal forms, decaying flower heads, and tiny, usually unseen, organisms – and the way that patterns are repeated throughout nature on a small, and sometimes grand, scale.

Her work reflects her habit of garden gathering, and the collection and observation of the cycle of flower to seed. Recent work has been inspired by lockdown forest walks and beach combing, tidelines, and shoreline discoveries.


Your jewellery will arrive packed in a simple, fully recyclable, gift box. Printing inks used are  water based and the cardboard box can be recycled in your own domestic paper or cardboard recycling.


This website represents a small selection of current work. If you'd like to find out more please contact via any of the social media links below or email :

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